Beaches, Thunderstorms and Cappuccinos

Since returning from our tour of northern Ghana, we’ve been back in what has become our normal routine.  During the week, we get up at 6.30 (after being woken by the sun and the chickens), have breakfast on our balcony, and then walk down the steep hill to the Omega Schools office. We are both keeping busy at the moment. Ian is setting up the analysis of the last set of end-of-term exam data and documenting the whole analysis process.  Sandie is doing a round of visits to the school managers, finding out how they have used the feedback we produced and following up a workshop she did for them on report writing and time management.

The view from Gbawe Top Base to the office and the coast

Evenings at home

At 4 pm we quit and climb back up to the flat, where we have a much-needed shower followed by drinks on the balcony while watching the sun go down. Later we have dinner and use the laptop to email friends or skype family.  We’re not impressed by Ghanaian TV, but have recently discovered that they are repeating episodes of Lost (that we watched so avidly for many years) every weekday evening. We’re normally glued to that (power permitting) from 8.00 till 9.00. We may also watch a DVD (brought from England) on our laptop, so we’re not exactly starved of entertainment.

Biriwa Beach

We tend to go away alternate weekends, often to a beach resort. On April 28 we took a tro-tro along the coast to the Biriwa Beach Hotel, near Cape Coast, and stayed there for Saturday night. This was a relaxing experience, as the hotel is perched above a beautiful beach and has a large round swimming pool as well – while we were there we had beach and swimming pool almost to ourselves. It also has a good bar/restaurant with a view of the sea, so we really enjoyed our stay there. On the Sunday we took a tro-tro into Cape Coast, had lunch there (also overlooking the beach) and then took another tro-tro back home.

Biriwa Beach from the hotel

The pool at Biriwa Beach Hotel

Saturdays in Accra

On weekends when we are not away, we tend to go into Accra on Saturday to have a meal at a decent restaurant. Recently we went to Ryan’s Irish Pub, in the Osu district. Ian had excellent fish and chips (best in Ghana) and we were able to get cappuccinos, which delighted Sandie. Last weekend we explored more of Accra, including the vast and impressive, but rather Stalinist, Independence Square. We had dinner at the Afia Beach Hotel, near the sea – a good meal and more cappuccinos.

Black Star arch at Independence Square

Sundays in Kokrobitey

On Sundays when we’re not away, we tend to go to Kokrobitey. We have lunch either at Big Milly’s Backyard, or at the Kokrobitey Garden restaurant. The former has good views over the beach, while the latter does really good pizza and cappuccino. (That makes three places we know in Ghana where you can get cappuccinos!)  We also spend some time on the beach, surrounded by locals playing football or fishing, and young whites soaking up the sun or trying on the fashions that are spread out on the beach.

On the beach at Kokrobitey

The wet season is coming!

We’re heading into the wet season now, which means that we have hot sunny weather most of the time, with about two thunderstorms a week. The storms bring torrential rain which makes a tremendous din on the tin roofs, as well as dramatic thunder and lightning. Many storms seem to be at night, so don’t affect us too much.  But will it get worse, we wonder?

A taste of the wet season


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