Autumn in Auckland

Last weekend we did our last
internal flight before our final departure, going up to Auckland. We flew up on
Friday night and spent two nights in the Scenic Hotel in the heart of the city,
in a small apartment for a very low price, courtesy of supermarket discount
vouchers. It was nice being in a big city, going out and finding the streets
filled with people, and bars and restaurants open till really late.


On Saturday we took the ferry
over to Waiheke Island, just offshore from the city. We went on a rather
battered car ferry, leaving from the mainland a few miles out of the city. The
weather was dull most of the day, but we were able to explore the island fairly
thoroughly. We went to a WW2 gun emplacement and explored some of the tunnels
by torchlight, as well as doing some other walks along the coastline. We also
visited one of the wineries that dot the island, with amazing views in all
directions. We sampled some of their wine, but decided it was well beyond our
price range.


On Sunday the sun came out for
part of the day as we continued exploring Auckland. Ian took the ferry over to
Devonport to look at bookshops while Sandie continued looking round the big
city. We met up for lunch on the waterfront in the sun – not bad for May (=
November)! Later we visited the Auckland Museum and followed a sculpture trail
there, before ending up at Mission Bay on the coast. This is a kind of seaside
resort and was quite busy, though not as up-market as we had expected. We had a
meal there before driving back to the airport, for our final Air New Zealand
flight, and our last landing into Wellington.

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