New Home, Anniversary and Vineyards

On October 3rd we
moved into our new home which we are renting for the remaining 8 months of our
stay in New Zealand. It’s in the suburb of Thorndon, no more than 15 minutes
walk from the Ministry, and is a 10th floor apartment with amazing
views over Wellington Harbour (and the motorway, and the railway line). We
moved in on the Saturday and said goodbye and thanks to Rose who had put us up
for four weeks. We spent the rest of the weekend shopping, for food supplies
and essential household items such as a wastepaper bin, a laundry basket and a


The following Saturday, October
10th, was our 39th wedding anniversary. We drove across
the Rimutaka Hill Road (despite a weather forecast which threatened snow) to
the pleasant little town of Martinborough in the Wairarapa. We checked into
accommodation on a vineyard just outside town, which was a brightly-painted
corrugated iron chalet surrounded by others just as bright, and hundreds of
vines. We toured round some of the other local vineyards sampling the products
and bought the odd bottle of good stuff. In the evening we went into town to
the cinema and then had a very pleasant dinner at a restaurant near the


On Sunday the weather was really
beautiful: bright, sunny, and warm – a complete contrast from the previous
week.  We drove down to the coast and explored
the Putangirua Pinnacles in the sunshine. These are most impressive rock
formations, and we had an enjoyable walk/scramble, apart from getting our feet and
boots wet when we had to wade through a fast-flowing stream.


We are settling well into our new
home. Sandie is still job-hunting, as she has just about come to the end of the
work she was doing at the Ministry and is keen to find something else.

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