As if we’d never left

When our grand tour of NW Oz finally came to an end, we flew from Perth to Wellington, and arrived back in New Zealand on Sept 5th.  The temperature was a bit of a shock after the gloriously hot weeks in Australia, but at least it was sunny when we arrived.  


We’re living with our friend Rose in Newtown – she’s bravely putting up with us until we can move into a place of our own. Ian’s back at the Ministry of Education again, in a different department, working mainly on the introduction of National Standards for New Zealand schools. Sandie has been doing some temporary work in Ian’s old department, rewriting a report, but as that’s coming to an end she’s trying to find some other work.


We have been flat-hunting, and have found a nice one to rent until June next year. It’s on the 10th floor, with good views over the harbour, and just 15 minutes walk from the Ministry. Unfortunately, it’s not available till 3rd October, so we’re in Rose’s spare room till then.


The weather has been quite sunny, but rather cold and windy most of the time. We hope it will warm up as spring progresses. The weekend before last we had a trip over to the Wairarapa with Rose, to visit the Carterton Daffodil Festival for the second year running. Last Saturday we drove up to Palmerston North for the weekend and went for a long tramp through the bush at the Manawatu Gorge, which gave us the chance to stretch our legs a bit.


We nearly didn’t get away, because the car we had borrowed (from Lynne, Ian’s previous boss, while she’s in Europe) had a flat battery. But after several phone calls, and unsuccessful attempts with jump leads, we managed to find a local mechanic who came round to the house, got the car going in no time, and charged us next to nothing.  We were lucky to be rescued so easily and so cheaply.

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