Back to Norfolk

week we paid a second visit to
Norfolk, travelling down on
Friday 5th and back on Monday 8th June.  This time we were heading for a different part
of the county, to Great Yarmouth which is Sandie’s home town.


we left the weather was excellent, with warm sunshine, but over the weekend it
got much cooler and cloudier. On arriving in Great Yarmouth we visited Sandie’s
Uncle George, who is nearly 95 and living in a sheltered bungalow. We then went
to stay with our friends Una and David who live in Ormesby St Margaret, a small
village a few miles north of the town.


Saturday we went for an 8-mile circular walk, starting at Horsey Mill and
walking across country to Winterton-on-Sea. On the way we passed an old wherry
setting sail up the
Broads, and then in the woods near Somerton we
discovered an ancient ruined church with an oak tree growing through the middle,
which was quite atmospheric. We had a nice lunch at the Fisherman’s Return pub
and then walked back along the beach (in an almost Wellingtonian wind) to
Horsey. That evening Una and David had booked tickets for an open-air
production of ‘The Taming of the Shrew’ by a travelling theatre company. The
production was quite good and the weather stayed dry, although it was extremely
cold  and everyone was wrapped up as
warmly as possible.


Sunday the rain began, through not too heavily. We walked from Ormesby to
Caister Castle, and explored the ruins
there and the collection of old cars. In the evening we drove up the coast for a
meal in another nice pub, the Lighthouse at Walcott. On Monday morning it was
dry but still cool, and we collected our old friend Barry (best man at our
wedding) and took him to yet another pub for lunch. Before driving home we went
for a stroll along the seafront at Great Yarmouth. It was sunny but still very
cold – not weather to entice many people on to the beach or into the sea.

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