New Car and Old Friends

the early May Bank Holiday we acquired a new car and visited some old friends
and relations. On Thursday 30th April all five of us (including
Claire, Raf and Charlie) drove up to Loughborough (Leicestershire) to see
Jacqui and Roger Stone, old friends of ours from the days when Ian taught at
the university there. The youngsters drove back to Wycombe and we stayed
overnight there. In the evening their son Robin brought round his car, a VW
Polo, which he sold to us for a bargain price, given its low mileage and
excellent condition.


Friday we left Loughborough in the newly-christened Percy the Polo and headed
Norfolk, stopping off in
various interesting places on the way – Melton Mowbray, Oakham, Rutland Water,
and Wisbech. It was a route we knew well from the days when we lived in
Loughborough and regularly visited Sandie’s parents in
Norfolk, so it was nostalgic to
visit once-familiar places. 


reached Sheringham on the
North Norfolk coast by the evening,
for a 3-night stay with Sandie’s cousin Mike and his wife Jane. They made us
very comfortable, with excellent veggie meals and a jacuzzi bath to enjoy. While
there we did a couple of walks along the coast, with quite good weather and a
couple of nice pub lunches. We also visited Mike’s mother Joan, who is 90 and
in a nursing home in Sheringham, and on the way back to Wycombe we detoured via
Great Yarmouth to visit Sandie’s uncle George, who is heading for 95 and is now
the last survivor of that generation of the Kirby clan.

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