Charlie, Bluebells, London and Family

the last couple of weeks we’ve done a lot of sorting out stuff, getting rid of
what we don’t need, as well as other business. One of the main issues we’ve had
to deal with is the flat in
Slough which used to belong to
Sandie’s parents, and which we’ve been renting out through a local agency. On
our return we discovered that they’ve been doing a really bad job, and we’re
going through the task of getting rid of them and untangling the mess they’ve
got us into.


a brighter note, we’ve managed to do some walks in the local country, including
a 13-mile circuit from
Henley through Oxfordshire,
with a lunch stop in some bluebell woods. Last Thursday we had a day out in
London; the weather was good,
so we walked through the central parks from
Westminster to Kensington and took
a paddleboat out on the Serpentine. In the evening we saw an Alan Bennett play
‘Enjoy’ in the
West End, which was a bit weird but quite fun.


the weekend we had a Schagen family reunion. 
Paul and Rosie came down from
Manchester and Andrew, Ellie and the girls
drove over from Faversham on Sunday. We managed to do an updated family photo
with all 11 of us – enough for a cricket team. Charlie continues to thrive,
getting bigger and sleeping fairly well. He has already been introduced to a
number of pubs in the area.

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