Back Home to Spring and Charlie

flight home was uneventful – we left
Wellington at 8.30 in the evening
on Friday, and landed at Heathrow on Saturday afternoon. The only excitement
was checking in at
Wellington, when they tried to
charge us $2900 for excess baggage! Finally we managed to persuade them that we
had flown out via the USA, so were entitled to additional baggage allowance,
and they let us check in without any excess.


were met at Heathrow by
Andrew, Ellie, Hope and
Isobel; they brought two cars, and  whisked us and our luggage off to
High Wycombe. Our biggest surprise
was to see Isobel – she’s 20 months old now and has a shock of curly red hair. Since
then we’ve been living in our little two-bedroomed house with Claire and Raf,
her partner. The bedroom we are currently using is crammed with our belongings,
as is the garden shed.  The room will be
needed for the baby eventually, so we need to sort out our things and put more
into store. Last Monday the sun shone, so we had a massive shed-purge, taking
three carloads of junk to the tip. The next day was Sandie’s birthday, so we
went for a long walk/pub-crawl round the outskirts of Wycombe, admiring all the
spring flowers.


big news is Claire’s baby. He was due on 6th April, but that passed
with no sign. Finally labour began on the16th and he was born at
Wycombe Hospital on Friday 17th, weighing 9 lbs 2 oz in old money.
He rejoices in the name Charlie Pieter Kulik, a good mixture of English, Dutch
and Polish. Mother and baby are doing well, and are expected home on Saturday.
After that the house will become even more crowded!

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