Sunshine, Parades, and the Skyline

weekend summer came to Wellington. We had two days of bright sunshine, and made
the most of it. On Sunday we went to the suburb of Johnsonville and watched their
Christmas parade, with floats, bands, clowns, people dressed as Santa etc. It
was like Langley Carnival, but with a Christmas theme, which was weird. Afterwards
we set off to do the Skyline Track, which runs from Johnsonville to Karori along
the ridge of hills which separates Wellington from the west coast. There are spectacular
views from up there, including Wellington and the Bay, and looking down on Wadestown
where we’re living. We got to Karori after about five hours and collapsed in a pub
with a well-earned drink. Later we went to the big Embassy cinema in the city to
see ‘Quantum of Solace’, which wasn’t too impressive.

Sunday the weather was good again, and we drove up to Plimmerton (on the coast north
of Wellington) in order to view a potential house for us to use from February to
April. This was quite nice, with good views and reasonable access, although it would
be a longer commute into the city. Afterwards we met some friends at a cafe in the
village for lunch, which was very pleasant. We went round to their house nearby
for coffee; their place has spectacular views over Porirua Inlet. Afterwards they
drove us round the area, including a visit to the new cinema nearby. Later we explored
the seafront at Plimmerton and revelled in the sunshine again.

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