Homeless Vagabonds

October 12th we’ve been homeless, moving from place to place. The
people who owned the Vogeltown house came back from France a week earlier than
we originally expected, so we had to get out. We’ve been staying with a friend
in Newtown, south of the city, and on 18th October we started a
four-day house-sit for a colleague of Sandie’s at Crofton Downs, north of the
city. We can’t move into our next longish-term rental house till 29th
October. A compensation is that both our temporary abodes have cats, which has
helped to overcome our feline deprivation syndrome. One excitement last week
was that our friend Rose suddenly developed severe pains and nausea in the
evening and we had to take her to the Emergency service at the hospital. She
stayed overnight, and they diagnosed a kidney infection and she is now well on
the way to recovery.

October 10th we celebrated our 38th wedding anniversary
at the Matterhorn restaurant. This is an award-winning place, a bit more
up-market than our usual, and we thoroughly enjoyed what we had there.

the last two weekends we’ve had some good weather and done some exploring around
different parts of Wellington Bay. One day we drove down the east side of the Bay,
walked to Pencarrow upper lighthouse and then walked round one of the nearby lakes
before returning along the coast. Another day we drove across to Makara, in a little
secluded valley to the northwest of the city. There was a village fair going on,
featuring wellie-whanging and similar excitements. The little church there is really
interesting, with stained glass including copies of old photos of the first families
who settled the area. We also drove down to the coast there, and followed a coastal
path for a bit. This turned into a scramble over rocks, but we got some good views
of the coast and the South Island.

Sunday we went over to Belmont Regional Park, at the north end of Wellington Bay.
The weather was sunny and calm, and we did a long walk to Korokoro Dam (where we
saw a pair of Paradise Ducks with a duckling), and then up to the highest point
of the park, Belmont Trig. We got fabulous views from up there, although the path
we took on the way down involved us repeatedly crossing a stream without benefit
of footbridges. Later we had a drink and meal in a pub on the seafront at Petone,
and watched the sun set over Wellington Bay.

At the end of the month
we’ll be settled into our house in Wadestown, but until then we shall be continuing
our vagabond existence.

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