John Denver, Wearable Art and Tulips

weekend we attended a couple of shows, booked at the last minute, of quite
different types. On Friday, during our usual pub crawl, we discovered there was
a tribute to John Denver playing at the large St James Theatre, for that night
only. We went along and enjoyed it, though the theatre was less than half full.
A couple of blokes sang a load of his songs, and there were film clips about
his life, but obviously Wellington only has a limited number of John Denver fans.

Saturday we were strolling around the city, following a trail of shop windows
exhibiting items from the World of Wearable Art (WOW) festival, which has been
an annual event in Wellington for the past few years. There is a museum in
Nelson, on the South Island, full of this stuff, but they obviously come to the
capital for the annual event. There is a big ‘awards show’ which runs for several
nights; it is mainly booked out months in advance, but we discovered there were
just a few tickets (returns?) available for Saturday evening. It was held in
the TSB Arena, an enormous venue which was packed out, and was a cross between
wacky fashion show, dance show, and circus. It was quite fun, though one or two
bits dragged slightly. People in way-out costumes were wandering through the
foyer at the beginning, and they did a roaring trade in glasses of bubbly.

Sunday the weather was glorious and spring-like, and we went to the Botanical
Gardens for their Spring Festival and Tulip Sunday. The gardens were crowded
with families, and there was an intensely Dutch theme. In addition to loads of
tulips, there was a windmill, young Dutch dancers in clogs, a street organ and
stalls selling Dutch food. Later we drove to the east coast, next to Wellington
Bay, and did the Eastern Walkway which took us up a high ridge with great views
in all directions, and then back along the coast road. The weather stayed warm and
sunny all day, but then on Monday it went back to winter – strong winds and cold
rain. The weather is never boring here.

Let’s Talk Kiwi!

occasional glossary of New Zealand terms:

Get your ducks in
a row:
organised, sorted out

Dairy: Corner shop

All gone to custard: gone belly-up, pear-shaped

Bach: Holiday home (North

Crib: Holiday home (South


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