Dancing, Books and the Rimutakas

week we attended a couple of community events in Wellington. On Monday we
watched a public show entitled ‘Dance Your Socks Off’, in which local dance
groups performed in the middle of the Reading Courtenay Complex. There were a
variety of styles (tap, jazz, belly-dancing, salsa and lots and lots of
hip-hop) and a wide range of ages from tinies to people even older than us
(imagine!). It’s amazing to discover just how many different dance groups there
are in the Wellington area.

Saturday morning we went to the Downtown Ministry Book Fair, held in the TSB
Arena. The place was crammed with secondhand books and people looking through
them. It was very well organised, with books sorted by category. We were quite
restrained and only bought 10 books.

Sunday the weather was bright and sunny. We took our newly acquired car
(‘Tottie the Toyota’) out for the day and drove round the head of the Bay, to
the Rimutaka Forest Park. Once there we took the Orongorongo Trail, a two-hour
walk through a river valley and over a ridge down to the Orongorongo River.
This was pleasant, with the sun shining through the trees. We had lunch in the
sun on a log by the river, before heading back to the car.

From there we drove
down the road to the coast, and walked on the beach, which is really a sandbank
between the river and the sea. There were a few people having their Sunday
afternoon stroll, and lots of interesting driftwood on the bank. On our way
back we stopped at Petone (at the head of Wellington Bay) and went to the
Lighthouse Cinema there. The cinema is a typical cosy little Kiwi theatre:
double sofas, with cushions even, and of course wide wooden arms to park your
glass of wine.  Later we went to a pub
and ordered a couple of pizzas. They were so big we couldn’t finish them, so
brought them back in a box when we drove home.

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