Chatting, Dancing and Tramping

were no big excursions this week, just some pleasant mid-winter activities. The
weather has mostly not been that cold, but a bit grey with showers and some
wind. When we went to Karori Sanctuary three weeks ago, Sandie met a woman called
Lisa who haled originally from her old home town of Great Yarmouth, and they
were able to speak fluent Norfolk to each other. On Saturday morning it was
pouring with rain; we travelled by train up the coast to Plimmerton to meet Lisa,
and she took us home and gave us lunch. Our jeans were very wet (we’d got
soaked walking down to the bus stop in Newtown) but we were able to dry out by
her fire. Later the weather improved and Lisa took us for a walk round Porirua
inlet, with very nice views and brightly coloured boat huts, before we got the
train back.

evening we got the bus up to Kelburn for a ‘contra dance’ (folk dance to you)
which happens monthly at a church hall. We did our ladies’ chains and do-si-dos
with a will, before going back to the city and collapsing in a pub while
waiting for the bus home.

Sunday we took the bus up to Wadestown, a suburb on the opposite side of
Wellington, to see a house which we’d been offered for three months after we
leave our current home.  The house is
large, with a nice garden and great views, but there are some disadvantages, so
we are still thinking it over.  From
there we went on to Otari-Wilton’s Bush, which is a kind of managed wilderness
area cum botanical garden up in the hills. The sun shone intermittently, and we
walked through the bush, up and down some fairly steep muddy paths. Afterwards
we walked back into the city before getting a bus home again.

A Beginner’s
Guide to Kiwi Culture – Part 1

of an ongoing series of cultural differences between living in New Zealand and
the UK.

1.  Kiwis
don’t have central heating. When you ask them why not, they say things like
“Well, further north it’s a bit warmer than here, so you don’t need it”.

2.   2.   
tend not to use cash – they will use credit/debit cards (‘Eftpos’) for even the
most trivial transactions.

3.      3.  Kiwis
wear shorts all year round, in even the most inclement weather.

4.  Kiwis
don’t use washing up bowls, but wash up dishes directly in the sink.

be continued.

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