Exploring the Great River Anduin

week Sandie learned that NZCER want her to work four days a week for the next
quarter, which is good. She’s already getting plenty of work to do there, so
we’re hoping they will want her at least that amount for the rest of our time.
Ian is still enjoying his work for the Ministry – on Thursday he went to a
Maori ‘hui’ (advisory group meeting) on Maori-medium national monitoring, which
was quite interesting.


on Thursday, Ian went for the first time to a life drawing group which meets at
5.30 quite near his work. This was enjoyable but quite challenging, as he’s
rather rusty after a year away from the charcoal. Sandie is still doing the
folk dancing, and on Saturday evening we both went to a ‘contra dance’ (i.e. barn
dance) at a church hall with many of the people from her group present. This
was quite fun, and even Ian managed to join in as it involved no fancy


weekend the weather has been glorious, with warmth and sunshine, not at all
what we expected in December  June.
We did the Hutt River Trail over two days, starting at Petone on the north
shore of Wellington Bay and walking upriver for about 28 kilometres. We got
there and back by bus, using Senior Bus Passes which cost us $5 a day each (£2).
We used four buses on Saturday and five on Sunday, getting to and from Petone
and back from the far end of the walk, so we got our money’s worth.


Hutt River was used to represent the Great River Anduin in ‘Lord of the Rings’,
though I think it looked more convincing in the film. At the top end Harcourt
Park was used to film scenes in Isengard, so we enjoyed strolling through there
as well. So although we didn’t go too far afield this weekend, you might say we
managed to visit Gondor and Rohan as well.

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