Update on Life in Kiwiland

the last week the weather has gone through all the seasons, from bright
sunshine to driving rain and wind. We have lit both fires now, the open fire in
the lounge and the iron stove in the dining room. When they’re alight they give
off a glorious heat, but the fan heaters are easier to operate.

begun to explore options for activities in Wellington. On Thursday 8th
May we went to a folk dance group meeting in the city centre. There were a
dozen or so people there, with an enthusiastic instructor, and we did mainly
Eastern European dances. On Monday 12th we both went to a beginners’
drama class at the Performing Arts Centre, which was a small group of mainly
young people, and we did various games and exercises. It’s still not clear what
activities we’ll continue with long-term, but we want to take the opportunity
to meet people outside work and learn some new skills.

weekend we stayed in the neighbourhood and used public transport. On Saturday
afternoon we took the Wellington Cable Car (really a funicular) up from the
city to the Botanic Gardens. The weather was dry but cloudy, and the gardens
are extensive and interesting, and we walked back down through an old cemetery
with interesting monuments, perched just above the city.

On Sunday we took the
bus right round Wellington Bay to Eastbourne on the far side, and walked up
into the East Harbour Regional Park (a very steep climb!) and down to Butterfly
Creek in a wooded valley on the far side of the hills. The sun came out and was
quite pleasant for a while. We climbed over the hills again back to the coast,
and then followed the coastal path southwards for about 3 miles to Pencarrow
Head and its two lighthouses. The sea was breaking fiercely on the shore and a
strong southerly was blowing – we’ve learned already to associate southerlies
with cold weather. We watched the sun setting over Wellington and then took the
bus back.

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