The Grand farewell

On Saturday last, 29th March, we had our grand farewell party at the Pinewood Hotel, Uxbridge Road, Slough. We were impressed and touched by how many of our friends made it there, and the Pinewood did us proud with the venue, the food and the music. People started arriving at 7.00, and by 8.30 when we sat down there were over 70. We all sat round circular tables and had a very pleasant buffet meal with white or red wine. We did our best to help the different groups to mingle – work colleagues, old friends and neighbours, tap-dancers, Spanish students, etc. – but inevitably there was a fair bit of ‘clumping’. Speeches were kept fairly short, though our kids announced they’d bought us a present – a voucher for a tour of a glacier on the South island of New Zealand! We’re looking forward to that.
After the meal The dance floor was set down and the disco started. The DJ did well to cover a range of tastes, but majored on the ‘oldies’ – Abba, Boney M and even John Denver got a look in. There were usually plenty on the dance floor, and everyone seemed to have a good time. The end was at 1.00, by which time we were largely left with the family who had been knocking back the spare wine all night. In the taxi home they got a bit maudlin.
All together a great evening and a good send-off for our departure to New Zealand a week later.
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