Welcome to our gap adventure

On 5th April 2008 we fly out of London Heathrow headed for New Zealand and the start of our gap adventure. In our youth, gap years were unheard of – so we’re making up for lost time by having not just a gap year but a whole gap adventure. Ian has been offered one year’s work by the Ministry of Education in Wellington, starting on 21st April, and Sandie has also been offered work by the New Zealand Council for Educational Research (NZCER). On the way to NZ we’re breaking our journey for a week in Southern California, intending to explore places like San Diego and Palm Springs that we don’t know. We land in Wellington on 14th April (Sandie’s 60th birthday), having lost the 13th April somewhere in the space-time continuum.
Watch this space for updates on our adventure.
Ian and Sandie
  1. #1 by Sue Koenig on March 16, 2014 - 8:51 pm

    I ran across your site when checking Debre Damo Monastery in Ethiopia. I collect Nativities and there’s on for sale on eBay that they say is made by the priests there. I was hoping I might see one in the photos, but didn’t. If you could send me your email address, I could possibly send you a photo of the Nativity to get your thoughts, but it comes up for bid soon I think. I’ve been to over 100 countries, by the way, and have an int’l. interactive museum, though sad to say, it’s in storage as I couldn’t keep it alive myself, financially. I haven’t been to Ethiopia. A friend was in the State Dept. there and invited me, but I’m mad at myself for not going!!! Also, I lived in Saudi Arabia for 11 years, as a single woman and loved it. I flew back and forth many times on Saudia and never had a problem. Never had a problem anywhere. Living there as a single woman is as rough as it gets. I led groups of people all over the Kingdom, the Middles East and elsewhere – all out of Saudi Arabia. I’ve been back 3 times since I retired in ’95 and have been treated royally. Things are progressing slowly, but quite a bit for women since I worked there. Just thought I’d give you a little, firsthand thoughts. I read on after Ethiopia, but just didn’t have anymore time now. I plan to write a book someday, but should’ve been doing something like you’ve done. I’ve just recently gotten “good” on the computer though…Thanks so much for reading this! Sue Koenig
    PS I’m a huge John Denver fan and was devastated when he died! I live in Denver and of course, he’s loved here.

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